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LOXAMS ISO Zertifikate 9001 und 14001 erneuert



 Download the press release.

As the European leader in the equipment rental market for construction and industry professionals, the LOXAM Group has for many years pursued a policy of excellence, quality and respect for the environment.
This voluntary and responsible commitment has been recognised with the award of two standards, ISO 9001 in 1997 and ISO 14001 in 2010, for the entire European network. 
Focusing on continuous improvement, the Loxam Group has recently had its certification renewed by the SGS certification body across its entire European network. 
It has therefore now achieved uniform standards accreditation across all new branche and subsidiaries acquired by the Group in recent years.


The key management themes of quality and respect for the environment remain on-going core concepts for the Group and its network of 607 branches. With the benefit of over 45 years of expertise, Loxam has developed a corporate culture focusing from the very outset on customer satisfaction by setting stringent service quality standards. Loxam was awarded ISO 9001 certification in December 1997 based on this commitment. It should be noted that the very first French equipment rental company certified in January 1997 - Serre & Ansot - was acquired several months later by Loxam. The Group has made a parallel commitment to ecologically responsible measures to significantly reduce its impact on the environment. Loxam became the first European equipment rental group to be awarded ISO 14001 certification in February 2010 by implementing an appropriate and effective system of environmental and quality management combined with an enhanced safety policy, responsible decision-making and shared ownership of values across all teams.


ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, which are valid for 3 years, were renewed following an audit which took place from 5 to 21 December. All European branches were audited, using a representative sample of 35 sites in 5 countries selected at random, in order to validate on-going and completed initiatives and identify new areas for improvement to be addressed in the future. This audit, carried out by the world-leading SGS certification body, meant that ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications could be extended to recently opened branches and subsidiaries acquired by the Group, and also to the Goods Recycling Depot in Alençon. This initiative demonstrates the Group’s environmental commitment. Thedepot actually processes 1,400 tonnes of recycled waste per year from all over France. Branches acquired from Stammis in the Netherlands, Locamachine in Belgium and the entire Locarest network acquired in 2011 have therefore recently achieved these two certifications. The Loxam branch which opened in Casablanca in Morocco in 2011 achieved ISO 9001 certification at its first audit. Since national legislation there does not enforce any environmental regulations, the Group will take steps to achieve ISO 14001 certification at a later date, but it will still benefit from the processes implemented in its European networks. Renewal of ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications across the entire Loxam Group provides evidence of the uniform, long-term vision of the organisation as well as the stringent service and quality levels which the Group’s management aims to introduce at Loxam sites worldwide.

Founded in 1967, the LOXAM group is a pioneer in equipment rental for construction and industry professionals. With a turnover of €806.7million in 2011, 607 branches and over 4,300 employees on sites in 11 countries, the LOXAM group is the European number one in equipment rental. With a substantial fleet of over 220,000 machines, LOXAM has always been ready to anticipate, support and respond to the growing demand from companies seeking to outsource purchasing, management and maintenance of their equipment fleet. 

For additional information, contact :
89 Avenue de la Grande Armée - 75219 PARIS Cedex 16
Tél. 0033 (0)1 58 440 400 - Fax. 0033 (0)1 58 440 179
Sylvie Passat : sylvie.passat@loxam.com