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Neues Imagevideo für Loxam: A World of Innovation



New Loxam corporate film: packed with innovations!

Loxam, the European leader in rental equipment, has released a new corporate film, available on YouTube or the firm's website: www.loxam.fr.
An opportunity for the Group to showcase its flagship values: performance, close customer relationships, safety, quick response and innovation: in images. This totally new film packs a punch with scenes that illustrate the full gamut of business lines and services offered by the Group in France and internationally...
Discover a "world of innovation" created by Loxam !

The film captures the energy and brisk responsiveness of the network, using images and a fast-paced soundtrack to present a selective overview of Loxam's line-up of equipment and dedicated services for professionals and the public.

Though the spot's main focus is on the results-oriented performance of the network of Loxam branches, it also underscores the Group's high standards for local footprint and close relationships, customer support, safety and environmental protection.
Loxam relies on an efficient operational and logistics policy and its network of specialised branches to deliver swift solutions for professionals in construction, industry, local authorities and event management.

The new corporate film, "A world of innovation", illustrates the Group's corporate culture of innovation, local presence, performance and responsibility: a set of values that has been recognised and highlighted by certification to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, and the "Rental Company of the Year" award presented by ERA (European Rental Association) in June.

The film can be seen on: http://www.loxam.fr or www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvyH-o8zbSA

The Loxam Group was founded in 1967 and is one of the pioneers in equipment rentals for construction and industry professionals. Today, with revenue of €805 million in 2013, 611 branches and over 4,410 employees in 13 countries, the Loxam Group is the European leader in equipment rentals. Loxam has the largest range of equipment in Europe, offering over 200,000 items, and has consistently anticipated, guided and met growing demand from businesses to purchase, manage and service their equipment fleet.

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